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If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced trial attorney who will defend you through each phase of the judicial process with transparency and communication.

The Law Offices of Flynn P. Bertisch was founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to individualized representation, and we are dedicated to helping you find the best possible resolution for your case.

You can feel secure that you have one of the best trial attorneys at your defense who tenaciously fights to protect your rights.

  • If you have been charged with state or federal criminal offense(s), you need an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who will provide you with transparency and communication through each phase of the judicial process.
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    Highly Experienced

    When your freedom is at stake, you want an attorney who is highly experienced and will fight for your rights. Flynn has defended hundreds of clients and has the expertise needed to resolve your case either by plea or by trial.

    Individualized Care and Attention

    Having a criminal defense attorney who gives you personalized care, attention and communication through each phase of the judicial process is one of the founding principles of our service.

    Thorough Investigation

    When we take a case, we work to build the best defense strategy for you. We make sure that all possible variables are identified and ask all questions relevant to your case.


    We know that your livelihood depends on the outcome of your case, and we will always be forthright and truthful about the status and options of your situation.


    When your liberty is at stake, you need a lawyer that you unequivocally trust to defend you. Hundreds of clients have depended on Flynn’s expertise and wholehearted approach to providing the best possible defense for his clients.


    As your criminal defense attorney, Flynn protects your rights with passion and commitment as your advocate throughout the entire judicial process.

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