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If you have been charged with state or federal criminal offense(s), you need an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who will provide you with transparency and communication through each phase of the judicial process.

“Flynn Parker Bertisch was born in Miami, Florida and grew up primarily in Palm Beach County. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 1991, Flynn worked as a police officer for the City of Boca Raton, Florida before attending the University Of New Hampshire School Of Law (formerly known as Franklin Pierce Law Center).

Since graduating law school in 2002, Flynn’s practice focuses on Criminal Defense in State and Federal Courts. He has handled numerous cases in a wide range of areas including: DUI, Assault and Battery, Drug and Firearm Trafficking, Burglaries and Robberies, Violations of Probation and Juvenile Delinquency. Flynn uses his first hand knowledge of police work to dissect criminal investigations and pinpoint various weaknesses in each case.

Flynn is a member of NACDL, FACDL, and PBACDL and has been recognized in Florida Super Lawyers Magazine”.

The Law Offices of Flynn P. Bertisch was founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to personalized representation, and we are dedicated to helping you find the best possible resolution for your case. You will feel secure that you have one of the best criminal defense trial attorneys in your corner. Flynn is passionate about giving each and every client catered defense and will fight to protect your rights.

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What inspired your ultimate decision to study for a law degree?

My father is a public interest lawyer and impressed upon me the importance of helping people. Although I always knew I would be a lawyer, I took a different path and started my career in law enforcement with the hope of helping people. This is why I focus on criminal defense.

Are there any recent changes in the laws that people in Florida should pay more attention to?

The laws in Florida change every July 1st (and sometimes in October). I think most people should pay attention to the changes in the traffic laws, because these seem to be what get most people in trouble. Seat belts, cell phones and loud music are valid reasons for stops.

What is it like working with your clients in different counties?

I think clients everywhere are pretty much the same; they are in trouble and do not want to be judged. I think the real work comes with dealing with prosecutors in other counties and how they resolve cases.

What (to you) makes a case most memorable?

The most memorable part of a case are the facts. One simple fact can change an entire outcome and no set facts are the same; each has its own blend of truth and lies.

Which case was the highest profile?

I think my most high profile cases were a middle school teacher accused of receiving oral sex from his 13-year-old student and a former PBC prosecutor who killed his mother and tried to kill his father. I am not much of a media person and keep my cases quiet.

At an initial consultation, what can a person expect when reviewing their case/charge with you?

At an initial consultation, a person can expect a conversation about their charges and the facts that led to them. They may hear things they do not want to hear but need to know. I will also never make a promise or guarantee; cases sometimes have a life of their own.

How do you follow up with clients you represent?

I am very big on communication. I will call clients, text or email them updates on their cases and will have them come into the office for important discussions.

How do you prioritize when your client when has multiple charges?

When a client is facing multiple charges, I focus on the most serious one first and then work my way down because the most serious charge, potentially has the most serious consequences.

What can someone expect when they are represented by you?

A person who I represent can expect me to work hard and to communicate with them. There are always a lot of questions and unknowns. Every case I work on is important because it is important to the client; there are no small cases.

How can your client prepare for court?

A client must be open and honest – no matter how bad the facts. It is the only way to effectively represent someone. A client needs to be attentive and prepared since all eyes are on them.

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